Thursday, October 11, 2007


I entered this picture in a pet photo contest. The results won't be out 'til next year, but I doubt I'll win with a rat. It'd be nice, though! Carmen is the sweetest little rat anyone could ever ask for!

Been A While

Just a sketch of some characters dancing. I really like to draw people dancing for some reason...
Rynn, Perun, Niem, Aias, Serik, and Branwen.
Rough color study of Perun the elf priest and Niem the centaur. For those of you who don't know me, I've been having really, really strange dreams lately. I finally decided to put the dreams to use for me.

Here's some doodles from one of my crazy dreams. It was about a little boy and girl who lived in San Fransisco with their busy business-man of a father (man with glasses, pictured above). Since he was never home, he'd hire babysitters to look after his children. The weird thing is, these babysitters would often morph into monsters and try to destroy the children, specifically the little girl. The boy protected his sister with his life, using any means available to slay the monster and protect her. He even went as far as to erase her memory after each encounter so she wouldn't be haunted by visions of the beasts that so often attacked them.

During the dream, their latest babysitter ended up being a murderous troll, and the little boy beat it to death with a post hole-digger. Why were the children so often attacked? What would these beasts gain by slaying them? Was their father ignorant of the schemes of the babysitters? No idea.